Let me get this right.
One of the reasons why you chose her
Was because you find her beautiful;
But can you handle loving a beautiful woman?

She did not stop being beautiful
The moment you made her yours.
When she became your woman,
Her beauty did not stop being visible to other men.

She still is the same beauty.
Men will find her attractive,
Look at her, some will even approach her.
Others will find her extra appealing, now that she is taken.

What will you do,
When other men stare at her?
When then try hard to find her phone number?
Will you feel threatened, become insecure?

Will you demand that she reduces her beauty?
The same beauty that grabbed your attention?
Will you trust her,
When she tells you she loves only you?

Will her beauty be the reason why you get mad at her?
Worked up about what other men see in her?
Don’t you know when she said Yes to you she raised your status?
Why are you picking a fight with the lower men yet she put you up there?

© Dayan Masinde

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