UNRA Reviewing Entebbe Expressway Design

The Uganda National Roads Authority – UNRA is reviewing designs of the Entebbe expressway. The reviews follow an increase in the number of accidents between the expressway extension from Mpala in Katabi Town Council to Kitooro in Entebbe Municipality.

An average of 10 accidents take place between the Victoria Mall junction and Mpala every week, according to statistics at Entebbe Police Station. Kampala Metropolitan Traffic Police Commander Norman Musinga says that such accidents are a result of several factors, including among others, drunk driving and recklessness.

The accidents have left the road furniture in ruins. Rail Guards, distance and directional information have often been destroyed. On several occasions, residents and leaders have called for a review of the road design to cater for all road users, other than the speeding vehicles.

Today, a team from UNRA, led by the Executive Director Allen Kagina explored the road to ascertain the major causes of accidents and to review possible solutions that will make the road suitable for all users especially those who live and operate along the roadside. Kagina says that UNRA is considering the institution of footbridges to ease the movement of pedestrians across the road.

The road, according to Uganda National Roads Authority, is still under the defects liability period. This means that the contractor will immediately be called upon to ensure that all defaults on the road are repaired.

However, damages caused by reckless drivers will be covered separately under the traffic regulations. According to traffic laws, persons found in breach of the traffic guidelines and cause damage to the road furniture are supposed to pay a stipulated fine and also repair the road furniture destroyed.

Kagina says that UNRA is currently engaging Police to review all footage of all road users from the CCTV cameras to ascertain who engaged in accidents and subsequently damaged the road furniture.

Currently, several residents and travellers in Entebbe are complaining about the defaults in traffic lights that go off whenever there is a power blackout.

Kampala Metropolitan Traffic Police Commander Norman Musinga says that the expressway has since its inception been the most challenging area regulated by Kampala metropolitan traffic police because of excessive recklessness and ignorance by drivers.

Entebbe Municipality Mayor Vincent Kayanja observes a need to sensitize all road users within Entebbe municipality to ensure that they all understand how the expressways operate.

The expressway was commissioned by President Yoweri Museveni in 2018.


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