Rakai DP Members Defy Top Leadership on Grassroots Elections

Democratic Party-DP members in Rakai district have decided to defy the directives of the National Executive Committee-NEC on the procedures of conducting grassroots elections.

On Friday last week, the DP National Executive Committee convened an extra-ordinary meeting, which resolved to suspend the National Organizing Secretary, Sulaiman Kadandala for defying the party roadmap, which has plunged the grassroots polls in chaos.

In his subsequent communication, the DP President, General Norbert Mao also said they had resolved to halts the all election processes instituted by Kidandala and accordingly recalled all the polling materials that had been dispatched to branches across the country.

However, one Tuesday, the Rakai District DP Executive Committee convened where members resolved to disregard the directives from NEC. They resolved to proceed with updating their lower leadership units using materials issued by the suspended Organizing Secretary.

Dick Ssebbowa, the Rakai District Mobilisation Secretary, says the top party organ acted on selfish grounds and machinations, which led to an illogical decision that endangers the party values. He says they cannot accept unfounded emotions to override party interests and values, adding that they will proceed with the election materials issued by Kidandala, which they presume to be genuine.

Ibrahim Denis Ssetuba, the Kibona Parish DP Chairperson in Rakai Town council, says they cannot give up on a process that intends to strengthen the party. According to Ssetuba, they were not convinced with the reasons upon, which NEC based its decision to suspend the organizing secretary.

Jimmy Ssemuguzi, the Kiziba Sub county DP chairperson explains that besides making pronouncements halting the election process, the party didn’t provide them fresh election materials.

He argues that they are left with no option but to carry on with the process as planned, saying that cannot allow the members morale to fade just because of wrangling at the party headquarters.

Eriabu Kiggundu, the Rakai District DP chairperson has notes that they have agreed to mobilise their membership at the lower levels to disregard the squabbles in the top party leadership and proceed with the planned elections.

He explains that they will proceed with the elections of sub county, constituency and district party leaders and prepare for the national delegates conference.

The DP President General, Norbert Mao has cautioned members against participating in parallel grassroots elections in disregard of the decision by the NEC, saying such results will not be respected by the party.

According to Mao, the decision by NEC to suspend the grassroots election is an interim measure to restore sanity


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