Ireland Hosts Education Fair in Uganda

A number of Uganda students turned up for the two days education fair hosted by the Education in Ireland at the Sheraton Kampala.

The purpose of the fair was to highlight education opportunities and programs that are available in Ireland across various disciplines.

Students from Uganda got a chance to interact with various institutions from Ireland and learn about the benefits of studying in Ireland. The Universities in attendance were Higher Education Institute, Waterford Institute of Technology, Athlone Institute of Technology, University of Limerick, Education in Ireland, Institute of Technology Sligo and Limerick Institute of Technology.

The 2 -day event has brought together students, parents, teachers, education agents, educational institutions, and the Irish Embassy, to showcase the benefits and opportunities of studying in Ireland.

Speaking at the event Nick Marmion Education in Ireland (Africa and Middle East Representative)  said that, “Ireland is the European hub for more than 1,000 leading multinational companies and student experience would be enriched by access to job opportunities offered by many of the world’s leading multinational companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Intel”.

He added, “Today, graduates from Irish universities are welcomed by employers in every industry and in every corner of the globe.”

Ireland has a centuries-old tradition of educational excellence, a tradition they are proud of and committed to maintaining.

Students who choose to study in Ireland are assured of competent qualifications in business, science and technology, language, humanities and arts at both undergraduate and advanced levels

By choosing Ireland, students can join a community of researchers, academics and commercial innovators to collaborate and co-create solutions for the myriad of challenges and opportunities in the 21st Century.

Ireland has 31 higher education institutions that offer an impressive 5000 quality assured programs, providing a myriad of great career-starting opportunities for aspiring Ugandan students in Ireland.

Students who choose to study in Ireland are assured of competent qualifications, with a diverse range of courses in, business, science and technology, language, humanities and arts that are recognized internationally.



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