What is Social Justice and what does it mean for my Rights?

Today, 20th February 2020, we observe the World Day of Social Justice. It is the day to focus on the injustices in the world of social justice throughout the world, press for improvements and look for solutions. This year, the theme is “Closing the Inequalities Gap to Achieve Social Justice”.
We believe there could never have been a better time for us to say something (however small) about Social Justice. So here are a few things on what social justice should mean for different people like you and us.


Social Justice is the way in which human rights are manifested in the everyday lives of people at every level of society.
1. It means every human being is entitled to be treated as a human being. Every human being is entitled to human necessities like food, education, medical care and right to life etc
2. All of us (meaning you and I) have a duty to make choices that benefit everyone, including yourself. For example, just because you hate traffic jam and you are late does not mean you drive through a market 😏.
3. The things we do to one another have an impact on others and on social justice. If you are unkind and act without a conscience, you are promoting social injustice. Evicting people from their land just because you have ‘more money’ than them shows that you are acting unjustly.
4. Work should not be slavery. You have a right to work in a safe workplace with breaks and to be appreciated and paid sufficiently for your efforts. All workers are entitled to protective gear and protection in the workplace from abuse, accidents and risks to their health.
5. The poor and the vulnerable also have rights. They are the test of our morality as a society. We must all finds ways to ensure that these groups are accounted for and their rights upheld too.

Do yo have any thoughts and questions on what Social Justice is and what it means to you? Leave a comment below or send us an inbox. Happy day of Social Justice!

Source:Barefoot Lawyers- Uganda.

20th February 2020

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