Parliament Procures more Hand Sanitizers over Threats of Corona Virus

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has called upon Ugandans especially those operating public places to consider availing hand sanitizers at their premises due to the looming threat of Corona Virus.

Kadaga told members of Parliament during the plenary session that despite the outbreak of Corona Virus in China, Ugandans have continued to travel in and out of China which poses a big risk to all Ugandans.

The Speaker said that as such, Parliament shall be providing more sanitizers at the precincts of Parliament and she called upon members to make good use of them.

“We are going to facilitate public health hygiene by increasing the number of hand sanitizers which has been put at different locations; this is done to try to mitigate on the possibility of getting infected, members please make use of them,” Kadaga said.

She added that, “I also encourage you to inform your constituents, we are not discriminating against them but one needs to come to this facility with better hygiene; I also encourage you to walk with them in your pockets as you go to church, funerals since you would be meeting a number of people.”

On the same note, Kadaga to come out and update the house on how far they have gone at sending facilitation to students in Wuhan, china who are said to be stranded without basic necessities.

On February 13th, the minister of health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng informed parliament that government was in the process of wiring 230 million shillings to assist Ugandan students who are stranded in China following the lockdown as a result of an outbreak of the corona virus.

According to official government reports, 105 Ugandan students are the targeted beneficiaries of this intervention.

However, the Ayivu county MP, Bernard Atiku told Parliament that ever since the minister of health addressed the house about the decision taken by government to facilitate the students instead of evacuating them, only a few students received the money and others are left starving.

This prompted the speaker to direct government to come out and update Parliament on the matter.


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