Kampala Minister Blames Faulty Street Lights on Lack of Maintenance

At least 70 million Euros is needed to fully light up Kampala streets and roads, the State Minister for Kampala, Benny Namugwanya has revealed.

In her statement to parliament on the status of street lighting in Kampala on Tuesday evening, Namugwanya not that only 8 percent of the city is lit.

She attributed the non-functionality of the lights on lack of maintenance due to limited resources, saying the KCCA budget can only maintain a few street lights.

Namugwanya explained that there are plans to design, build and operate a model to sustain street lighting in Kampala.

She disclosed that Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA has developed a street lighting master plan and is only waiting for funding.

She explained that if it they access the required funding, they will procure lithium solar batteries and LED lights.

Namugwanya also said the money will also be used to upgrade and rehabilitate existing street lighting network, walkways and pedestrian crossings, which are in bad shapes.

She says they will also install lighting in formal and informal markets, which will increase street lighting coverage to 85% by 2023.

According to the Ministry, Kampala Central Division has 2,436 street lights with network coverage of 45%.

However, only 1,991 lights are functional while 445 are faulty. In Lubaga division, 271 lights are working while 206 are faulty.

Nakawa division has 931 street lights but only 642 are functional. Makindye division has 914 street lights but only 695 are functional.

Of the 678 streetlights in Kawempe division only 469 are functional.


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