MP Akol Kicked out of Parliament Chambers over Corona Virus Threats

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has on Thursday afternoon thrown out of plenary sitting the Kilak North Member of Parliament (MP) Anthony Akol  amidst scare  of contracting Corona Virus.

This after Akol himself complained of laxity in screening people for corona virus at Entebbe Airport giving a scenario of himself when he came back to the country from South Korea and South Africa early this month.

“I traveled to South Africa and came back on the 5th, the first travel I made was to South Korea; when I travel, every airport you move in, they are testing the people that are coming into their country but it comes to Uganda, there is nothing like testing the entrants. There is no screening at the time you are coming in,” Akol said.

It’s at this point that the Kasilo county mp Elija Okupa questioned the safety of the members as they are associating with Akol who has just returned from countries grappling with the virus and he has not yet gone through the 14 days quarantine as required.

“Hon. Akol Anthony has just told us that he returned on the 5th it is not 14 days since that time, the people at the Airport are told to do self quarantine, is it in order for us to continue having him in the house when the mandatory 14 days have not yet elapsed! He came from South Korea which is highly infected,” Okupa expressed fear.

Speaker Kadaga hence ordered MP Akol to vacate chambers as he was considered not safe.

“South Korea is one of those countries were there have been a big epidemic, Hon. Akol if you have been from there please exit the house, please be under self quarantine,” Kadaga said.

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