Technology Tips to Help you cope with COVID-19

As the Corona Virus pandemic spreads throughout national communities, it is inevitable for everyone to be armed with not only information, but also tools and resources in the fight to prevent infection and being caught off guard.

Technology is one of the most effective tools one can use in the prevention and fight against COVID-19. Here are 10 ways you can use it to help you:

Stay informed

COVID-19 is fast moving and staying on top of the spread of the virus in your area is essential for making the right decisions on how to protect yourself and your loved ones. The following trackers can help you keep abreast with information about the pandemic:

The World Health Organization (WHO) has created a tracker on their website that you can use to get accurate information about the virus
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website
Media outlets like the New York Times and the Washington post
The ABC news tracker
Please do not install any trackers on your devices as these are being used by hackers to attack your systems.

Use online shopping where possible

To reduce the risk of coming into physical contact with an infected person, using online channels for shopping is a safer option. If you can, purchase your products online.

However, beware of online site owners hiking prices due to the crisis. If it can wait, please wait for the panic to die down so you can buy locally from your nearby stores.

Use a price tracker to avoid price gougers

It is expected that due to the crisis, some businesses will take advantage of the situation to sell their products at abnormal prices.

You can identify and avoid being overcharged using a price tracker that charts price history. Sites like Camel and Keepa both provide browser extensions that let you view price history right on Amazon product pages.

Be aware of how local businesses are dealing with the crisis

Google has been encouraging businesses to use Google My Business to keep customers informed about how policies, hours and inventory are changing to cope with the crisis.

If businesses utilize this facility, it can be helpful to customers so as to avoid unnecessary movements and exposure.

Take advantage of grocery and business delivery or pickup services

Many businesses offer delivery services to their customers at an extra fee. You can utilize this service to get what you want in the comfort of your location without engaging in unnecessary exposure. Please remember to take sanitation precautions when receiving the delivery.

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