Dell Mobile Connect Introduces Photo Transfers Connecting iPhone And PC

Honoring the promise made by Dell, late in January, the company has fulfilled it by launching a new version of their Dell Mobile Connect, which will be friendlier for iPhone users. The launch will be in spring, and nothing can be better than this, as it can not only aid in the transfer of files from your personal computer to the iPhone and vice versa, but it will also be able to mirror your screen.

The Mobile Connect software needs to be updated from Microsoft store or the App Store, and you will also require a Dell or Alienware PC that was brought the newest by 2018. For now, the company has made it possible for its iPhone users to transfer only photos and videos, nothing more than that, like music or some files and folders. But that is more than enough for iPhone users who are looking to save up snaps from their phone device into their personal computer.

Another advantage to users with the Dell Mobile Connect update will be the screen mirroring. With the latest screen mirroring settings, you can view your iPhone device’s screen on your laptop. Not only view, but you can also control it with the keyboard or mouse present. In case your laptop is a touchscreen, its better, cause then you can easily maneuver through it. It is helpful for people to use apps that do not have a web equivalent version of it.

There was a time when Dell users with iPhone devices had issues in establishing a connection between the two and using some third-party apps for it. With Android, it was easy to connect with the laptop through the Dell Mobile Connect, but now you can do the same with iPhone, which has improved the parity between both Android and iPhones to a much better level.

Not only this but according to Windows Central, apps by Dell have become a more viable and feasible option for users with iPhone, than Your Phone by Microsoft. As long as you have a Dell PC or laptop with you, you may never require more software and apps for basic operation and integration.

There have been times when various iPhone users have faced the problem of integration with the Dell laptop, and recently before they announced the update, the users of Dell have constantly been asking for this feature in the feedback forums. It came as a relief for everyone when Dell teased about launching a more iPhone compatible software update in its Dell Mobile Connect in January.

It was a surprise when the company launched it so soon after its initial announcement about the update because, according to trends and analysis, companies usually take 6 months to launch an update after it is announced. The update is available for all of its users to be downloaded or updated from the official App Store or the Microsoft Store. The update is free and has no additional charges.

Currently, the update has been received with a lot of positive reviews submitted by Dell and iPhone users, with a few criticisms on the improvement of the user interface. The company will surely look into it and soon launch a better version that can transfer not only photos and videos but also files, folders, and executable. It is a must update and enhancement required in the current version, because not every user is restricted to sharing and transferring images and videos from their phone to the computer.

Some users also like to transfer music from their devices and work files. On contacting the company for further updates on the new version of Mobile Connect, its launching and details of the feature. The Dell spokesperson refused to comment on it, and the company has not responded to any emails, texts, calls, or messages by the various news channels. Therefore, the follow up on this update is still awaited with much eagerness by its users.


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