Coronavirus: NITA-U Lists Mobile Applications and E-solutions to limit physical social interaction

The ban of social interactions and movements in the country has taken an obvious toll on businesses. However, those that were smart enough to embrace e-commerce or digitalization are reaping more from this ban than ever.

In addition to the e-citizen Portal, which is a oe-stop online center for Ugandan government online services, the National Information Technology Authority of Uganda (NITA-U) has identified the following  useful mobile applications and online solutions that could save you a big deal during the lockdown:

Games on Kola Studios

For folks that are so attached to social gatherings, Kola Studios is the perfect platform for interacting with friends and enjoying good games without necessarily being physically together.Kola Studios is an online application that hosts mobile applications including games that are mainly developed based on our local Ugandan games like the famous card game ‘matatu’ that can be enjoyed just like good old times.

KS Mart Market

KS Mart Market is an online market place for green organic products and services that is owned by the Kampala Capital City Authority of Uganda. Vendors are able to register and trade their products online and buyers can receive their products through door to door delivery with the option of non-cash payment to avoid physical interaction.

Jumia Online Store

Carry out your shopping at the comfort of your location with the number 1 online shopping store in Uganda and worldwide. Jumia is the biggest online retail store with just about any product that one would need. Products are purchased with just a click and payment is made on delivery. One can make non-cash payment to avoid physical contact.Other online store options include Kilimall, Bazebo, KiKUU

Food Delivery Applications

This is for the foodies who for different reasons, may choose not to have home cooked meals. Several reliable food delivery applications have been identified to help you reduce movements and interactions while providing you with good quality food from your favorite restaurant. One can visit Jumia food, KFC,Café Javas, and Safe Boda for these services.

Utility Mobile Applications

Pay your electricity bill and access information about your account using the UMEME App mobile application. The NWSC App too is a preferable option for paying water bills and accessing information about your account.

 Mdundo Online African Music Directory

Listen to and download music from your favorite African artists for free to entertain yourself and your family during the lockdown. Mdundo is an online music directory that was started in collaboration with some of the top African musicians to promote African music across Africa.

Sendy Delivery Services

Do you own a business or factory and would like to do deliveries to your customers without physically moving to the customer’s premises, Sendy is the solution for you. This online logistics platform will enable you acquire delivery services including a vehicle and driver at a reasonable cost. Cashless payments are allowed


Safeboda provides convenient and fast delivery and transport services and its just a click away. It also embraces mobile payments

Financial Service Apps/ Mobile money transfer services

Besides the mobile money service, mobile banking apps and Visa /Mastercard payment options that have been introduced by all banks in Uganda, one can use the following applications to make domestic and international money transfers and to access small loans : Pesamoni, Eversend, Yetu Credit Finance, CoinPesa, Swipe2Pay, and Numida among others.

E-Health Services

Whether you wish to perform a malaria test, speak to a medical practitioner, or receive mobile medical services, these applications will help you achieve trusted healthcare at the comfort of your home. They include: Matibabu, The Medical Concierge Group, Teheca, and Clinic master among others

E-learning Services

These platforms provide educational services ranging from information on how to deal with children with disabilities, training on literacy, learning games, accessing training and exam materials from different schools, sharing knowledge, and collaborative learning. Some of these include: Embrace Kulture, Checheza, Kolibri, SOMESA, KAINO

Investment Management Services

Enjoy online management of your investment club record keeping and member management at the comfort of your location while growing your savings using Cinnamon Clubs.

The comprehensive list can be accessed on NITA Uganda

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