Working Remotely: Tips for managing a remote team

Recently, due to the corona virus pandemic, businesses and organizations that are smart enough to embrace change and go with the flow, have resorted to working remotely so as to keep afloat and keep their businesses moving.

It is undeniable that working from home is not for everyone due to the many distractions. Learning how to make every team member productive without physical contact is essential if one wants to make the best of this period. Here are some tips which, if well implemented, can help you as a team leader get the best out of your remote team:

Provide your team with the necessary tools

For your team to be productive, you need to provide them with the right tools to do their job. These include resources like computers, emails, internet for video conferencing and information sharing, financial facilitation, document / template sharing tools like google docs or software applications that the team can access from anywhere. Whatever is essential for your team, make sure that each member has access to it.

Have proper processes and structures in place

This is a crucial part of any organization and as a team leader, you must make sure that every member is familiar with the processes and what their contribution is to each process. It is recommended that each member is provided in writing, their role to encourage accountability.

Set clear precise and attainable goals with timelines

Your team members must be clear on what their short-term and long-term goals are and when they are expected to achieve them. These can be communicated in one-on-one meetings or performance reviews to encourage responsibility and accountability

Communication is key

With increasing tech innovations, there is a variety of online communication tools you can use to communicate with your team, whether it is individual to individual communication, individual to group communication, or group to group communication. The team can use email, calls, texts, online meeting tools etc.

Trust your team

According to change factory , organizations that recognize the value of trust between employees, reap a significant competitive advantage because their employees are more likely to be productive while satisfying stakeholder needs. This trust goes both ways; the team and their leader must trust each other if goals are to be achieved and on time.

Include team building activities

It has been said that all work with no play makes one dull and unproductive. Since this is a remote team, there are a number of online activities that you can engage your team in to loosen up after a long day’s job. It also acts as motivation because the team feels appreciated. Activities like online group games, virtual happy hours could be helpful in keeping the team bond strong.

Have the Right team

This one factor will determine whether your management will be a smooth or a bumpy ride. It could make or break the business as human resource is the most vital for the for operation and growth. Therefore, it is important for businesses to hire people who can work independently with little supervision as well as work with the rest of the team.

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