It’s very easy to achieve what society expects of us. | By Amos Wekesa |

I realize from my posts quite a number of people are paying attention on the family home we are almost done with building. Because I share real experiences, you will see pictures of where I am at the time of posting.

Guys, I will be turning 47 years towards the end of this month and I have been running a business or businesses which turn 20 years next April 2021. Of course I have aspirations which I haven’t handled yet and I can’t wait God willing to achieve those aspirations.

I have been in tourism for close to 25 years from a sweeper to a team leader Great Lakes safaris and Uganda lodges Ltd plus a few other stuff outside tourism.

A personal home or house according to me who has a lot of experience isn’t a big achievement, reason it has come many years after working and building a business or businesses for many years.

Let me give you an example, many guys many years ago shared houses and land in Kololo and Nakasero out of excitement. Many years down the line, it’s the people with cash flows who bought them out. They couldn’t maintain or even look after them.

The people that chose to build cash flows over many years, simply walked into banks and bought out those who valued the wrong things. I know a businessman who owns over 30 plots in kololo and when he told me the stories about how he bought out former owners, I couldn’t believe.

I know we have been told to go to school for a degree or degrees, look for a job thereafter, build a house and marry and then wait until you die. It’s one of the reasons we Ugandans haven’t aspired to own banks, 5 star hotels, telecoms, construction companies, energy companies etc

It’s very easy to achieve what society expects of us. Study hard, get a job, build a house, marry and die. Most people attain that quickly and then create a new list basics like driving latest number plate, drinking every night, accumulating shoes, suits, handbags, latest phones etc. They get so angry if you told them there is more to life than that…..

The family generally speaking seems very excited about the new home and I remember driving my wife and daughter to the house one evening and my daughter hugged me so tightly and said dad, thank you so much. We can see your efforts close to us and yes, I felt a little sad and apologized for taking so long to build a house for them.

My daughter quickly said, you would have probably not built one like this and I agreed with her. I only felt guilty because of what my wife and daughter expressed. My dream house as a person is a 2 bed roomed house facing the Nile in Jinja if God gives me life. Many years ago, I bought the location and it was ugx 800k per acre and we have planted many fruiting trees.

The house has been built in the way that it can be transformed into an Airbed and breakfast. The compound has 7 self contained bedrooms which could host tourists at a cost in future for the retired Wekesa God willing. Since I know how to position businesses like that, this can’t be a problem.

I write about the 10 months it took to build this….but I must appreciate the fact that my wife and daughter pushed me into doing this at the beginning of last year. I told them  design a house you want, I will build it for you. I will introduce the architect they worked with.


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