Am hoping this whole #Covid situation will change our minds regarding transport, – by Bushuyu Frank Mutaremwa.


*You can walk to and from home and it is fine. It is not that you are broke or mad or trying to exercise. It is ok to walk to work.

*You can ride a bicycle 8km to work. Again it not for weirdos, everyone can. Hopefully City and town councils will make it safer for the riders.

*We all don’t have to drive to work. Companies have been transporting about 90% of their staff to and from work. That cuts down the transport costs and cuts down on pollution big time!

I am hoping major companies will adopt an anti-emission strategy. Workers that walk or use bicycles, for example, can be rewarded for a significant reduction of their carbon footprint.

For those that have been to Kampala in the last few weeks, it is the best place to be….well apart from the wonderful hotels being closed, but you get the drift. The city is spacious and air is so clean. I have always thought Kampala should expand outwardly and not inwardly with the focus for many being buying old buildings in the city centre or close by and building skyscrapers. Let’s have some more breathing space (pun intended) in the City!

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