Give your website a face – Dickson Mushabe.

In Kampala today, it is very easy to find a client who needs a website. You can do a pitch and in less than an hour you have all the deal in your hands. But this was not the case before.

It is the NGOs that promoted the use of websites in Uganda and that was mainly due to the nature of their job. Government bodies, institutions and ministries followed suit. This however did not come easy. There was a lot of convincing here and there. A disease, I should say came, was born around that time that affects websites today. The lack of originality is so particular in the realm of website development.

Many individuals and companies seek Foreign Service to have their websites developed for fear of being given stolen work. Invest resources in having your own content.

This is partly because there is something in our Ugandan DNA. We always want to someone to get dirty on our behalf. It is on very occasions that we want to know the depth of the waters. What am I saying?

When you have developed a website; as a web developer, that is the end of your work- at least one may assume. This is not true.

At Hostalite, we keep our clients in charge. When we give you a website, it does not stop there. We train you on how to update it. You see when you buy the car; you don’t have to go back to the seller to open the fuel tank for you. Some things you ought to learn and do them yourself.

When you get a website always keep it updated with latest information about your company or whatever it is. The visitors to the website do not wait for the time when you have cleared everything. Your website is accessed 24/7. Challenge yourself to give it a face worth your visitors’ time.

Usually when someone visits your website they go to the “About Us” page. This is where many choose to find out more about the website or find another website.  Try as much as you can to have an updated website that can help you attract traffic. By this I mean, when someone comes to the website they should stay and read  whatever there is. There should be things to share from your website so that other people can get to know about you. Don’t just dump videos that yourself are not sure whether they can run, try them out. Be on guard.

Your website is the reception to your business in the virtual world. Rich décor, a clear floor and neat organization will give your client a non verbal definition of you. And so is a website. Give it a life.

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