What if it doesn’t work out? Today, I want to address the fear factor. – Dickson Mushabe.

Some time I said I would revert and talk about this topic. Today, I want to address the fear factor that stops many people from realizing their dreams. I meet many people who are highly employed; that is, they have high ranking jobs in many admired companies and institutions that thousands are dying to be a part of.

However, the questions that people ask range from “how do you start a business?” to how do I sustain it and a number of such. For those of you who have closely followed my Wandegeya story especially in my book, I am not sorry for my Mistakes know that I have not been employed before.

It was such a painstaking decision that I had to defend before my parents, especially my father. It becomes hard when as a parent; you invest in your child wishing that they will get a worthy “job”. That is the parent’s gratitude. When Frank, a friend, joined Stanchart, his father was introduced at church, and to everyone that they met. In fact, a few months after his appointment, he was surprised when he went to the village and merely everyone was congratulating him on the “big job”

I imagined this kind of humiliation that I subjected my family to. I knew it was going to take me long, but one thing I was sure of; I knew I was headed somewhere. Along that time, I always prayed that my girlfriend (now my wife) whom I had met at campus stays. She supported me much as there was always a doubting Thomas on whether I would make it. It got harder when she had to give me her salary to finance my business.

The strife that I went through groomed me to have the bittersweet taste of working. These are the things that my friends who went direct into employment missed out. They cannot establish the heat of combing the streets in a necktie under a red sun to meet a client. It comes with a sacrifice to do deny yourself that car because you want to invest in that project.

There is a way fear grips you holding tight to a lifeless future should that job go away. When you are used to that pay cheque, to which you daily believe you deserve more but remember that mortgage, the school fees of your children and worse of all and spouses, friends and in-laws. “What will they think?”

Monica chose to quit her managerial job at the bank she was working after realizing that clients came for loans, invested them and in turn were better than her. She was always on her desk.

I do not say that employment is evil. NO! all I am saying that at times it is hard to begin something new when you are used to something else.

Life is about choice. If you are tired of a situation, you take an initiative to walk out of it. This does not come easy. You have got to commit to giving up on a bit of your comfort to attain it. There are many people complaining of their current way of life but very few are willing to take action to change. To say is one thing but to do is a completely different strategy.

If wishes were horses, all beggars would ride. Isn’t that what we say? Stop talking about it and do something about it.


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