What wife can do when the husband is Financially Struggling – Dayan Masinde.

1. Know that it is just a season

2. Remember that a man is not defined by how much money he has

3. Don’t feel sorry for him. Don’t over do telling him everything will be OK

4. Don’t baby him or address him like he is delicate

5. Give money to him so that he feels the pleasure of paying. Give him money to pay when you two go for shopping and such

5. Don’t question his being head of the family or his masculinity just because he is financially down

6. Don’t compare him with other men saying “Why can’t you be like so and so?”

7. Don’t talk in a manner to suggest you are better than him or doing more than him

8. Compliment him more. Speak of his greatness. Remember the many things he does that are not money related

9. Gently and respectfully share with him opportunities available for work or business

10. Challenge him and encourage him to pursue his dream

11. Don’t share his struggles with family or friends. He needs to feel safe to fight with you

12. Don’t call him lazy

13. Expose him to content that speak to his spirit like buying him a book or watching inspiring movies

14. Appreciate the financial effort he gave when he was doing better financially

15. Pray together for financial breakthrough

16. Save and invest as a couple

17. Enjoy the season. Laugh, make memories

18. Do activities together. Get busy

© Dayan Masinde and Akello Oliech

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