Prenatal programming and the father – Rosey Sembatya.

To understand the importance of a father in the life of the child in the womb, you have to refer to Scripture.  The only time that God, the Father shares His name with a being is for this sacred role. This means that FATHERHOOD is an honor. It is a gift. It is a responsibility. It is a calling. It is stewardship.

This is how it starts. The reaction to the news that a man is going to be a Father lays ground for many things. When the man sneers, says something insensitive such as What! Says nothing or switches his phone of; basically acts rather disinterested, this registers as rejection to the woman. Anxiety starts building; stress takes over, for she starts asking herself what she is to do with an unloved, unborn child. Therefore instead of enjoying the pregnancy, she is going to worry about and throughout the pregnancy.

When the man responds with affirmation, glee and fond anticipation, the pregnant mother will know that she is carrying a child loved by the father. She, as a vessel will glow and so will the life in her.

Fathers give life. What happens when you choose to give life through a vessel that you don’t care about? It will affect the life that that vessel carries. When God chose continuity through the gift of fatherhood, He knew the responsibility He was assigning fathers; to take good care of that continuity through taking good care of the lives they give. Therefore the man’s reaction is the first outside environment for the child in the womb, and it will set pace for the mother’s vibes that then speak to the child in the womb.

Therefore as a father, you have to protect the child from noise. This noise can be inward or outward right from the mother’s feelings of inadequacy, worry, lack of food and laughter, volatile neighborhoods and much more. Even when the neighbourhood is volatile, if a father is associated with calm, patience and empathy, the neighbourhood influence can be easily replaced with the peace he brings.  Protection from worry by speaking positive; protection from disease by taking care of both the vessel and himself; protection from anxiety by being emotionally available.

When the child hears the father’s voice, she will be able to identify the voice after birth and associate it with whatever it presented whilst she was in the womb. When you allow many other male voices to consistently speak to your child in the womb, that means that you as a father have failed to manage that environment for your unborn child. You cannot dictate what they say. Your voice has to be present and consistent because it is that consistency that is warm and reassuring to both the mother and the child.

What all these will do is to reduce the stress levels of the pregnant mother who in this case is the vessel, and like mentioned in the article, Prenatal Programming and Stress, the interruptions in the programming of the child would be minimized. When it was written that man should not waste his youth, I believe that what God envisaged was that man should work hard and mind the vessel from which his line is to continue. When a man allows the noise to overwhelm the pregnant mother, the child’s programming will be compromised. A stressed child could end up having a shrunk brain, and this could be carried forward to the next generation, where more children will have shrunk brains. This could affect the quality of your line.

It is incumbent upon the father to protect his seed with his voice and resources. It is written that a father has to leave inheritance for his children’s children. This inheritance is usually interpreted to mean material but it is also good genes, values and fond memories.

Join me in the next article on making use of the Window of Opportunity after Birth.

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Rosey is the founder of Malaika Children's Mobile Library. She is enthusiastic about early childhood and child protection. She loves tea and dogs.

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