Black Americans Express Interest Returning to African for Settlement, Investment

President Yoweri Museveni has on several occasions encouraged the Black Americans to consider returning to the African Continent and has put up a number of incentives that would attract them to settle in Uganda and well as setting up several investments

In June, IsaacKigozi, the Managing Director, East African Partners (EAP) a company that markets East Africa as an investment destination amplified the call to the Black Americans assuring them of any support that they would need to comfortably take up investment in the region.

The EAP boss who stayed in USA for more than 20 years said that he believes that it is time for African Americans to consider coming back home and focus on rebuilding Africa.

Kigozi noted that there are enormous investment opportunities in Uganda and the East African region block which range from Oil and Gas, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Tourism, Education, Health, Transportation, Agriculture, Technology, among others.

The call has been put to a number of African Americans through a media interview which has attracted responses from politicians, Business men and women, Sports men, Social workers among others.

Adrian Ross the Former Lineback Position player at Cincinnati Bengals club (a professional American Football franchise) and current founder of Maddbacker Foundation had this to say.

Adrian Rose speaks out on investing in African sports

“There is never been a better time than now! Now, because not only is there a need but there is a number willing, able and looking to invest in tangible investments. There are a number of athletes and entertainers looking to invest outside the U.S particularly in Africa.”

My expectations of Africa are now just like everywhere else in the world! Where as before the information we received about Africa and opportunities were false! Now, with technology we are able to research and see the true vast opportunities available. The opportunities of Africa will be beyond any thinkable expectations imaginable.

Cook County Commissioner, Donna Miller and former Chief campaign Mobilizer to Hillary Clinton in Chicago said that this is a right time for African Americans to this about returning home.

Cook County Commissioner, Donna Miller

“I believe it is definitely an interesting time to think about the return to Africa. Many African Americans have no direct relationship with which country they came from on the continent of Africa, however the yearning and desire to be connected to Africa is present with many African-Americans,” Mrs. Miller said.

She added that, “The call now to return is even more important in light of current events that consistently happen in the United States specifically related to police brutality, unfair treatment in the workplace, voter suppression and the constant stigma that being black carries in this country. I do feel it’s in worth consideration, especially for those who have business and entrepreneurial goals.”

T. Michelle Curry, the founder of the Travel Africa Movement, an online community and travel company created to encourage more Black Americans and diasporans to travel to Africa and to consider it for investment and moving opportunities said that the call is timely.

“I think that it is a timely call and we fully support the mission. Uganda is uniquely poised to be a big player on the Black tourism scene. It’s a beautiful country with diverse tourist attractions, a thriving nightlife and friendly people.

She added that, “I’ve been to many African countries and I encourage Black Americans and diasporans not to romanticize Africa. It is beautiful and enchanting, but it also has some challenges. I would like to see us work together to develop the continent and make it a better place for all. As for expectations, I want to be treated fairly, to receive good value for my dollars, and to connect with the people, culture, food and history of places I visit.”

Ashworth Barnes the president and CEO of 713 Motoring and 713 Collision in Houston Texas the number one Car Customisation company said that Africa has always been interesting to him.

Ashworth Barnes speaks out on returning to Africa

“My mother was married when I was 7 years old and my Stepdad and he was of East African descent. It was great at a young age to be able to integrate culturally to African traditions and learn about African history and customs.”

I think a lot of African Americans would begin to consider Africa as an option to set their enterprise. Black Lives Matter movement would make sense for a lot of African Americans to migrate home to the motherland so they don’t have to deal with a lot of the social injusties that are happeining in America like police brutality.

It is particularly important that we act quickly with Covid 19 spreading like wildfire, many americans are looking to migrate to countries that have less cases of the virus like Uganda. The virus is real. Many Americans including myself have tested positive for the virus.

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