Mukula Names FDC Defectors, Refutes Allegations of Parading NRM Vigilantes

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) Vice Chairperson Eastern Region, Capt. Mike Mukula has maintained that all the people that have since defected to NRM from FDC are genuine opposition members and leaders.

Mukula who is on a mobilization campaign in the Eastern region was responding to claims made by the FDC party Spokesperson, Ibrahim Nganda who accused him of parading NRM vigilantes as defectors as well as printing fake FDC cards.

Ssemujju allegedly accused Mukula of using the defectors as away of duping President Museveni to give him money since he now runs no business.

“We take note, you have seen Mike Mukula everyday parading people who are holding brand new FDC cards and some wearing T-shirts yet we have not printed T-shirts of recent. We have learnt that Mukula has printed FDC cards from Nkurumah road and T-shirts from Industrial area,” Ssemujju claimed.

Responding to the allegations, Mukula noted that all the people that he has so far paraded are genuine opposition leaders who run on the FDC ticket and other opposition parties in the last general elections.

While meeting NRM leaders from Bukwo and Kapchorwa at Noah’s Ark Hotel, Mukula presented the former FDC flag bearer for Pallisa District Woman MP Catherine Achola as a testimony that its genuine FDC members crossing over to NRM.

“FDC members were saying that I am creating people who are crossing over, last time I received Madam Namagembe former flag bearer of FDC in Wakiso, I also got Dr. Geoffrey Egwau the former flag bearer of FDC in Dakabela County, I also got the former Soroti Mayor (FDC) Alfred Aruo who also crossed over to NRM,” Mukula said.

FDC defectors in Teso region display their former party cards as they cross to NRM

He added that, “The other day, the Chairman of Butebo and his entire executive defected and 876 members crossed over to NRM, the Chairman of Butaleja and the entire executive and flag have since crossed over to NRM, Yusuf Mutembule, the Vice president of DP also crossed over to NRM and there are many more who have crossed over,” Mukula said.

He added that the people that have been paraded are all prominent people who actively participated in the last general elections.

“The former Pallisa district Woman MP on FDC ticket Christine Achola standing here today is yet another testimony that NRM is growing from strength to strength; when FDC is chasing their people not wanting to receive them, for us in NRM we are receiving our people and welcoming theirs,” Mukula added.

More FDC members in the East Received by Mukula

Mukula is currently on the Eastern region mobilization and recruitment campaign as he eyes reelection for the position of the NRM Vice Chairperson Eastern region for another term.

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