Prof. John Opuda Sworn-in as Victoria University New Chancellor

Victoria University has unveiled the new University Chancellor, Prof. John Opuda-Asibo who is the third Chancellor coming in with a vast experience to boost the university.

Prof. John Opuda is a scholar of National and International repute who has joined the University at a critical moment and brings to bear his expertise, wide-reach, experience and knowledge that will ensure that the University remains the top private institution in Uganda.

The professor is also a graduate with a veterinary Medical Degree from Makerere University, he holds a Masters Degree in Public Health and a PhD in Microbiology, Epidemiology and Public Health both from the University of Minnesota, USA.

Prof. John Opuda sworn-in as Victoria University Chancellor

Prof. Opuda has experience in Education, Science, Cooperation, institutional Collaboration and Coordination, Negotiation, Dialogue, Cultural Interaction, Publishing, Grants awarding, Scientific Research, Organizing and Chairing meetings.

In his remarks, Prof. Opuda noted that he will focus on ensuring that rate at which students go abroad seeking for higher education is reduced as many opt for Victoria University.

“If you go to airports of many countries, you will meet hundreds and thousands of students headed for Northern hemisphere for tertiary higher education, these students should be our students especially if they can afford to go abroad, they should surely afford to come to our university,” Opuda said.

He noted that there are a number of reasons that lead to the increased travel by the said students which if solved can boost on the number of students attending higher education in the country.

“Reasons for their heading abroad include; a thinking that a degree abroad represents a higher level qualification than a degree at home, there is inadequate funding of tertiary education resulting in dilapidated campuses, obsolete study programs, that have not adopted the developments in science and Technology and the absence of research policy and insufficient resources.

Opuda said that African countries have not prioritized higher education and as such, students have no choice but to look for it elsewhere.

The Professor also noted that there is under utilization and mocking of higher quality human resource even when they are available.

He appreciated the management of Victoria University for finding him fit to lead the university replacing the Dr. Martin Jerome Aliker whose contract ended in December 2019 having served for 6 years in the position.

Victoria University Boss Sudhir Rupareria

“Today is a great day for me as I assume the position of 3rd Victoria University Chancellor a private university in Uganda; I am much aware that private companies are result and profit oriented with success in their mind and would not desire to deploy anyone at a loss nor failure,” Prof. Opuda noted.


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