Mulago Hospital Receives Full Body Disinfection Tunnel  

As the country continues to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, Ugandan innovators under WUZA Limited have donated a full body disinfection tunnel   to Mulago National Referral hospital.

The automated 3-in-1 full-body sanitization booths was handed over to the Mulago National referral hospital Executive Director, Dr. Byarugaba Baterana by Wuza Limited Executive Director, Isaac Mulindwa.

During the handover, Mulindwa noted that the booth is wheelchair accessible and offer infrared temperature measurement, smart spray hand disinfection and full-body disinfection.

Wuza Limited Executive Director, Isaac Mulindwa speaks during the handover

The full-body disinfection offered by the Mulin 3000 and Mulin 2000 will kill the virus attached to clothing, accessories or parts of the human body that are exposed to the spray.

Mulindwa noted that recognizing that the effects of COVID-19 will impact the world and the country for a long time to come, the innovative Wuza Limited created the Mulin 3000 and the Mulin 2000 sanitization booths.

“In a process that takes less than 10 seconds, a user’s temperature is taken when they approach the entrance, followed by the hand sanitization before entering the booth. When the user steps into the booth the motion detectors trigger the spray of the sanitizer mist covering the whole body,” Mulindwa explained how the machine works.

Wuza Limited team during the handover of the machine

He said that the sanitization booths come in two main models, the Mulin 3000 and the Mulin 2000 adding that Mulin 3000 is the adult-sized model of the sanitization booths and it comes in two versions: the Mulin 3000 which has a metal finish and the Mulin 3000 Deluxe which has a timber finish.

The Mulin 2000 is the child-sized model of the sanitization booths and it too comes in two versions: the Mulin 2000 and the Mulin 2000 Deluxe.

Both the Mulin 3000 and the Mulin 2000 have features such as a voice and visual alarm that alerts of high-temperature readings, an equilibrium spray tunnel to give a continuous uninterrupted spray, an anti-rust aluminum floor, a 20L tank containing 600 sprays for up to 600 people, a low noise self-regulating pump, anti-drip nozzles.

The donated full body disinfection booth

While receiving the machine, Dr. Byarugaba appreciated the group for the donation noting that this will go along way in protecting the lives of Ugandans who access the hospital.

“I appreciate Mr. Mulindwa for the innovation and the donation, this is a sign that he is a nationalist who wants them alive. We promise that the equipment that we have received today will be put to proper use as well as maintaining it,” Byarugaba said.

Dr. Byarugaba thus appealed to government to consider procurement of full body disinfectant machine at all entry points at the hospital so as to boost the fight against COVID-19.

Wuza Limited Director Marketing and Global Strategy, Isaac Kigozi noted that the innovation is locally made with the best equipment imported from United States of America.

Isaac Kigozi demonstrating how the booth works

“We cherish quality and that’s why we choose to get the best scanners, temperature detectors and sensors from Texas one of the best sources in the world,” Kigozi said.

Kigozi revealed  that the prices for the machine are so friendly compared to those machines imported from abroad adding that Mulin 3000 goes for Shs12,000,000, Mulin 3000 Deluxe goes for Shs12,500,000, Mulin 2000 goes for Shs6,500,000 while Mulin 2000 Deluxe costs Shs7,500,000.

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