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Social media has very many positives and negatives and the choice of what we want to follow squarely lies with us as individuals.
I for example follow people for different reasons, others just make laugh, some because they are my friends and keep up with what they are doing through Social media .
I follow others because they are so good at putting words together and I enjoy that. There are people whose views I don’t enjoy but I also don’t go their walls to start fights. I have platforms I can freely express myself on.
I never wanted to be on Facebook for example but my wife said you have lots of stuff to share with many people. I don’t even know how to set up a Facebook page up to now because the pages I have were set up by wife and James Abola.
M.V Kazinga.
Well, if you have followed my pages well you will have a clear idea of the person of Wekesa from Lwakhalkaha, namisindwa district. Over years, I have been blessed to see Great opportunities come out of Facebook and other social media platforms.
One of my greatest attribute as a human being is being able to network, all the way from school days. People who have known from school days will tell you that’s the Amos we know. I hear people say oh I wasn’t born with this strength or that.
Total nonsense I must say. We become good at what we consistently or repeatedly do including nothing, gossiping, acting, hating, loving, endurance, hard work, patience, smiling, investing, showing off, networking etc. You can become anything though you must be willing to pay a price for it.
My mum says until the age of 9, they had written me off in their mind because to them I was going to turnout daft. For you to see Great opportunities out of social media, you must be deliberate about it. You must be willing to offer value to others. Can’t be always you wanting to take?
My idea of entering into marine tourism was made clear and actioned because of one of the WhatsApp group am on. We agreed that instead of just sharing jokes and writing English, we needed to do something that would create jobs at least. As we complained about unemployed youths, we needed to show cause not empty talks.
I said, I would raise the majority of the money and members in the group would raise the rest of the money. Within a week, close to usd 100k was pledged by close to 40 members. There is power in numbers something many people ignore. As a lead investor, I had the trust of people in the group and along the way, those who wanted to pull out got their money in full.
Of course some will doubt which is normal. Will the boat actually come? Will it be viable? What about management? Etc. One particular person is a very seasoned businessman Aga Sekalala. I have lots of respect for him plus he is both book smart, experienced and street smart as well. I now have his audience whenever I need it for other things.
MV Kazinga is clearly taking shape and if we hadn’t had the Covid 19 challenge, this was going to be a great year Businesswise for MV as well. The moment the boat arrived, young people got jobs, from cleaning, skipping the boat, boat guides, suppliers of different things etc. In investing, you are never the first beneficiary.
You will need an experienced business person is in such arrangements. For example, I have many areas of strength from marketing to building a team, to networking etc. Even during this Covid, MV Kazinga is able to have a lively team running it, good security, good maintance and it’s able to look after itself financially. If we had Ugandan tourists during the week days, it would clearly make profits even. It’s not always about money only. God is good.
I remember one investor asking me what would happen to the boat during these trying times of Covid? Doing Business teaches one to always expect interruptions of every kind. From politics to Covid, internal challenges etc.
Some of you follow hundreds people on different forums, what are you able to give? How are you benefiting?
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