Politics and Business- hustlers view – Amos Wekesa.

Now that we are in a hated political times and I want you to know how I think about both politics and business and how they are related.

In a politically mature country business actually controls politics mainly because businesses pay for the promises that the politicians make and also facilitates their campaigns. Business taxes pay for the hospitals, schools, roads, etc

In many countries including Uganda politics controls business and that’s dangerous. In such countries the political class generally has no understanding of business yet have powers over it.

In countries where politics controls business, national wealth is seen as a national cake which must be shared. When you share a cake and you eat your share, that cake is done. In such countries, you find a political class which came straight from school into politics, no experience of running even a kiosk.

In countries where business controls politics national wealth is looked at like a river that flows that every citizen tap into continuously and its never a season river.

The citizens of such a nation will not use that river as a toilet, they will make sure trees along the river are never cut, they will not allow silting to happen to that river.

At all times, the political class of a nation whose business class controls politics is composed of individuals with experience in business either as owners or managers of business.

That political class before every campaign will quietly engage the business class about their dreams and aspirations for that nation. They spend time to convince the business class that they are the right to support. The interests will vary from sector to sector.

For example tourism businesses will support candidates who will push for their tourism related agenda. Those in agriculture will push the political class that will support their dreams for agriculture. Don’t be lied, the world is controlled by interests not emotions.

The business class in such countries will not be involved in the direct campaigns of politicians. The masses/the population isn’t interested in seeing business class directly campaign for political candidates.

The population appreciates the fact that the business class is busy with creation and maintance of jobs. When elections are done, the business class will push those who won to make sure the promises are fulfilled which benefits them and citizens.

The business class will make sure that international business interests of that country are pursued by their political class. The political class send out ambassadors who will make sure their business interests across board are pursued not just winning and dinning. That’s how the river of wealth continues to flow.

For Uganda’s case, local business class is rather very weak financially and that’s why the political class would rather target the civil servants. In Uganda, the civil servants have more money than the business class because they share the cake. We look at the national wealth as a cake.

Look at me, I put up 2 extra rooms at Elephant plains lodge and I get excited. I even post about it on this forum. That shows how small a business man I am but even then there are people who look at are like Wow, Wekesa has done it. Others even get envious. It’s because we are small.

With my knowledge, exposure and experience, am supposed to be building a 5 star hotel employing a 1000 people but no one grows beyond the aspirations of a nation. There is a stage where you need a country to grow before you also grow.

Today we have 11 candidates pushing to become President of Uganda. I have in person met a few of them. I was in class with Gen. Muntu, actually same table studying at the institute of national transformation. We were studying how nations operate, how they fail and they prosper. That one knows my thoughts on politics.

I met Bobi wine once many years ago in Rwanda. I had gone to support young Ugandans I wanted to win a 50k dollar awards by inspire Africa( by Nelson Tugume). We were at the airport in bus taking us to the plane. He left his wife in the back and came to me and we started chatting. I knew him because of the media but I was shocked he even knew me. He left a good impression to me.

Joseph Kabuleta was my neighbour in Nsambya estates for many years so we therefore know each other. To be honest, I think he has the best write up on tourism amongst the candidates whose manifestos I have read. He took time to read and understand how it can change Uganda.

Gen. Museven I have met him many times because I advocate for tourism. I have respect for him. I will always engage whoever becomes President on issues regarding tourism and general economy. If any of your candidates wants to meet specifically to discuss tourism and its future, am available.

I met Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde about 12 years ago. He wanted to build a tourism resort along mubende road. People who want to invest in tourism will always somehow look for me. So I know him and he knows me and like other candidates , they know my line is clear and it’s tourism.

A person I have never met but desired to meet was Dr. Besigye to specifically get his thoughts on tourism. I never met Mao of DP, Amuriat of FDC, Nancy kalembe, Fred Mwesigye, etc.

Others like Joel B. Ssenyonyi, we have known each other for Many years because we go to the same church. We don’t discuss politics when we meet but other general stuff like how has the lord kept you etc……

You see how conflicted I am?

Please wear your masks and try to keep distances from others.

Below is how I arrived for work this morning at 0730hours.

Have a blessed day.

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