“Talking the talk won’t get you where you need to go… (unless you’re a DJ or auctioneer) – Strive Masiyiwa.

Time for action!

Back to serious business again today and the subject is: who on this platform is taking what you have learned here and putting it into action? I want to hear your entrepreneurship ACTION stories. What exactly are you “Doing”? Every day what steps are YOU actually taking?

One of you suggested in a recent comment here that many of you on the platform just read my posts and make very interesting comments but then don’t take the next step to actually become entrepreneurs who start real businesses. I don’t believe for a moment this is true, but if it’s true for even ONE of you… then today is the day to get moving!

To help those who are serious about building successful businesses, making good (or amazing) money, growing into billion dollar unicorns, innovating your products and services, and helping Africa lead the way in brand new (yet to be imagined!) 4IR technologies, but still really don’t know what to do to get started… don’t worry. You are not alone.

__Every last entrepreneur on earth had to start with that first step.

Whether or not you have gotten started (or this has been one tough year and set you back a lot), my team and I have put together some of the most amazing series of (free) podcasts on Sasai, for entrepreneurs. They are fantastic. I am writing you today as a mentor, not someone looking for customers. These are free!

You already know about Business Wars which I can’t stop talking about but did you know there are now 500 episodes available on Sasai Podcasts?

What about Masters of Scale!? Did you know Sasai now has 125 episodes? Wait What?!

“The best start up advice from Silicon Valley” has been added recently, for YOU on this platform. We have added it in time for the launch of Master of Scale’s seventh season a few weeks ago!

If for some reason you don’t yet know who Reid Hoffman is… He is the co-founder of LinkedIn (which I hope you all are on) and an investor in Greylock. What is Greylock Partners? Well, do your research then you tell me! It’s about time for you to fly little eaglets.

That is not all: Have you heard by now of New Think and @TheFlipAfrica? If not, please get started today. They are great.

If you take a look at The Flip Africa episodes, which you may not have heard of before, you will see these are African-based entrepreneurs and challenges you can identify with. Take a look at this list of contributors!! https://theflip.africa/contributors/

Some of these are people you need to know! There is serious material here for serious entrepreneurs, as well as “learner entrepreneurs”. If you haven’t gotten started already, check out the episode called “Building through Crises…”

You can listen to it on The Flip Africa, Season 2. It’s a “Bonus” podcast (after Episode 1). If you are still new to Sasai, just go to #Explore, then click #Podcast, then #Entrepreneurship (on top) then… ! You are there!

What do you think?

Now it’s the middle of October and days are passing by. I know when I don’t hear from some of you, that you, too, are busy being entrepreneurs building your businesses. I am so proud of what some of you have done over the years. I will ask some of you to share here on the page a bit later in the year.

Meanwhile, as an entrepreneur (whether you already have your MBA or not) head to Sasai podcasts and start studying. There is no short-cut to learning directly from those on the frontlines. I hope you enjoy.

“Experience is the hardest kind of teacher. It gives you the test first, and the lesson afterward”…

Try to learn some of the lessons beforehand!! These podcasts make that possible like never before.


You too can share your story or journey. Send it to editor@postdator.com.

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