Business tip for a civil servant who wants to be an entrepreneur – Strive Masiyiwa.

Take the leap!

Statements like “income generating project” reminds me of a civil servant who, having decided he is not making enough income at his job, embarks on a scheme such as raising chickens as a means of supplementing his income. As long as what he (or she) is doing does not interfere with paid full-time work, or use state time and resources, there is nothing wrong with it.

If, however, he does it when he is supposed to be at work or, even worse, he starts to use state time, resources or even the power of his (or her) position to do this work, then it is all corruption! I’m sorry to be blunt. And if you feel offended, so be it!

#How to move from “income generating project” to entrepreneur: You must have the courage to leave your job, and register a proper company.

That is when you become an “entrepreneur”. You are now “all in,” and ready to take the “full risk”.

Most importantly, it will unleash an energy and innovativeness you never imagined you had!

If you need the insurance and security of a job, you are missing the key ingredient of what propelled the people who get to the top of the game. Yes, you might even make good money, and even live a good life (materially speaking) but you will miss out on the real rewards… The chance to move from being an amateur to a professional player!

Now I’m not guaranteeing that you will not fail completely. As I have told you before, there is a “language” to every game. In the game of entrepreneurship we do not ever use the term “project” to refer to a business. Or “income generating” or “value add”. Use those kinds of expressions in front of a venture capital investor, and they will switch off completely!

“In soccer a penalty is not a free kick, even though it is a free kick”. A real soccer fan would call you a clown, if you referred to a penalty as a free kick!

Learn the language of entrepreneurship! This is why you must soak yourself in listening to @Sasai Podcasts. Soon you will find yourself talking like Mark Zuckerberg! These are early days of Sasai but Wow! There are already so many excellent #Podcasts to choose from for entrepreneurs… also for history buffs, news junkies and more. (Look for yourself!)

Today I know I’m speaking to someone on this platform… You have been thinking about going #Professional! Now is the time to plan your exit, within the next six months. I reckon 1st January you must be out!

It’s time to go #Professional, and become an entrepreneur!


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