5 Facebook trends to boost small businesses in 2021.

5 Facebook tips that can boost small businesses in 2021.

It’s in a clear evidence that 2019 and 2020 had dark times. it forced and showed a boost in startup of many small businesses online. Though it’s not always easy moving your business to social media bandwagon that changes almost everyday. According to Uganda’s standards today, when promoting a small business online, you need to consider at least Facebook because its easy to use which makes it very simple to connect with your customers. When  done right, Facebook will boost your business sales. However, use of poor practices, will be  a waste of time and money. Because of this, we have designed five tips that will play a big role in boosting for small businesses.

  • Focus on your core values.

What we’ve learned from last year is that going forward, businesses have to quickly and  transparently communicate their core values. List the main 3 marketing objectives you have. Then, see if and how Facebook will help you reach them. In many cases, small business owners just think that they need to be present online, wakeup from no where setup a Facebook page for business, boom and look at it for the rest of their entire business operation, In reality, a Facebook page can only help you reach objectives when you employ good digital marketing tips and you are proactive. If you are facing hard times running your business, my boss! Facebook is harder is suggest you put all this information into consideration.

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  • Focus on quality over quantity.

Kill the habit of over posting on Facebook unnecessarily, to date, Social media followers careless about how much you post. At the end of the day, what they care about is quality of service delivery. Instead of piling a lot of generalized content to fill your Facebook page, dedicate your energy to in-depth posts about your services, this might mean sharing behind the scenes content. Filming Videos or Podcasts instead of writing raw text posts. sharing of customer reviews, images or videos. This might seem as hard work but it will help you engage with your audience and build trust in the long run.

  • Deliver shorter and helpful content.

Look here please! For how long can you stay reading an article on Facebook, I hope you can spare at least 45sec or 1min maximum. Social media followers never read longer articles and that will create a high bounce rate on your Facebook page. Long posts are ok, but long posts are not ok for social media followers. (Facebook , Twitter) and many other platforms that I might not be able to detail here because of time. Online followers are always content scalpers and never read from top, middle to bottom. And remember, your focus shouldn’t be on writing short posts, make sure you deliver only that is needed in short. This will improve follower engagement and increase chances of your small business going viral.

  • Facebook Shops | Social ecommerce.

Facebook has always been about connecting you to what you love. That means friends and family, but also products, brands and businesses. And now it has simplified the way we do business by introducing Facebook Shops. which makes it easy for businesses to set up a single online store for customers to access on both Facebook and Instagram. Creating a Facebook Shop is free, simple and convenient. Facebook businesses can choose the products they want to list from their catalog and then customize the look and feel of their shop with a cover image and colors that showcase their business brand. This implies that any seller, no matter their size or budget, can bring their business online and connect with customers wherever and whenever it’s convenient for them. So we suggest you should try out this practice as it is proven to work for any serious small business owners.

  • Use Interactive, Real-Time Content.

During the Covid-19 period. Interactive content has showed a boost since people are always free and no work to keep them busy. Facebook live, Instagram Live and YouTube live is one way all brands and businesses are using to engage with their customers online. Across Uganda we have witnessed a lot of livestreams on all streaming platforms from both big and upcoming artists. And a lot of media streaming houses are now putting a lot emphasis on streaming online since most of their customers are online and as an addition, this year’s Mama Awards had been scheduled to be streamed online due to Covid-19. So from the above examples don’t be left out, all businesses are taking on live streams the best option for engaging with their customers, i suggest you should try it out to engage with your following.

Follow these five trends to continue growing your small business on Facebook beyond 2021.

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