How Ugandans are to Rip big out of Akon City

Since the visiting Senegalese-American business tycoon, Aliaune Thiam Akon announced plans to work with government to set up a futuristic Akon City in Uganda, a number of Ugandans have wondered how this will be of benefit to them.

The Senior Presidential Advisor on Diaspora Affairs, Amb. Abbey Walusimbi who invited Akon into the country has come out to shade more light on the impact of Akon city and his business plans to the people of Uganda.

Walusimbi said that the government decision to give Akon 1sq mile for the establishment of the Akon city is to the benefit of all Ugandans through different aspects.

Walusimbi explained that the will be set up on Uganda’s and this is reason enough to market Uganda across the world given the following that Alamo has.

“As revealed by Akon, the city will be divided into districts that’s is the Entertainment district which will offer recording studios to Ugandans music, film and movie starts to thrive, the medical district offering specialized medication to the people, education district offering the best tertiary and university education as well as the business district offering a number of business opportunities and financial services,” Walusimbi explained.

The Ambassador noted that this will all provide direct and indirect benefits to Ugandans.

“From the onset of the project, Ugandans shall be required to offer non-skilled and skilled labour during the construction works, all those involved in the supply chain will also gain business, this will help in the creation of a number of employment and investment opportunities,” Walusimbi noted.

Walusimbi added that the hospitals, education institutions and businesses that shall be set up in the Akon city are to benefit Ugandans first and these will improve on the standards of living.

Akon speaking with Isaac Kigozi

“The Akon city is a marketing tool of Uganda’s beauty and potential in tourism; tourism is Uganda’s biggest foreign earner, once boosted, the economy will be boosted and who knows, we may end up shooting to the middle class status,” Walusimbi noted.

During his address to the media on Monday, Akon appointed the Trade and Investment Officer in the Office of the President, Isaac Kigozi was appointed as the local manager of the entire project.

Kigozi has revealed that the city will attract more other investors in different fields that will benefit Ugandans.

“The objective of Akon city is to level up Africa. Africa is a continent that has helped all other continents to grow but has failed to grow itself, with such a city, it will foster development of the country,” Kigozi said.

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