Ashworth Barnes Meets Museveni, Talk Setting up Automotive Technical Institute

President Museveni has held talks with Ashworth Barnes, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of 713 Motoring company on boosting automotive industry in Uganda.

Ashworth who is in the country upon invite by the East African Partners met President Museveni at his country home in Rwakitura last week.

During the meeting, the US entrepreneur and investor tabled his idea of setting up an automotive technical institute that would train Ugandan students with the latest skills in automotive.

The idea was welcomed by President Museveni whoever requested that it should be refined to incorporate other technical studies alongside automotive.

According to Museveni, a number of students leave the country in hunt for several technical skills and these would benefit from the technical institute was diversified.

“The President noted that on top of automotive, students should be able to learn other related skills in audio and video, wielding, painting or other different types of technical careers in relationship to automotive industry,” Ashworth noted in an interview.

Museveni meets Ashworth Barnes and the wife in Rwakitura

Ashworth welcomed the suggestion and observed that he will tap into his vast connections in the US to team up with other colleagues who can ably represent other technical sectors.

“We have a lot of concepts that haven’t made it here yet and these would boost the economy. I will create another delegation to come and help me bridge the gap in technical industry that I am not expert in but I will concentrate on automotive side,” Ashworth noted.

He added that in line with the above, he will be investing in real estate through setting up state of the art affordable cost housing.

713 Motoring is one of the world’s leading custom automotive company based in the United States of America.

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