Amb. Walusimbi Holds Consultative Meetings over Proposed Diaspora Policy

The Senior Presidential Advisor on Diaspora Affairs, Amb. Abbey Walusimbi has embarked on holding consultative meetings with Ugandans in diaspora on the proposed new policy on diaspora.

Upon his appointment by President Museveni early last year, Amb. Walusimbi was tasked to coordinate a harmonized program that will create a better operating environment by the diasporas.

In the US, Walusimbi is meeting with Ugandans of different political divide with a view of understanding the best principles and practices that must be put in place to enhance their operations.

The consultative meetings currently held by Walusimbi and his office come a head of the stakeholders meeting next week that will see all government agencies, Ministries and departments in attendance.

“We are currently gathering views from different Ugandans living and working in different countries across the world which views will inform a harmonized approach to addressing issues affecting them by all government agencies, ministries and departments dealing with diasporas,” Walusimbi said.

Walusimbi noted that so far the views gathered relate to challenges that Ugandans in diaspora face in terms of taxation, renewal and restoration of lost travel documents, direct participation in election of their political leaders, access to legal services and justice in the host countries, access to National Identification cards, safety of their land and property at home, among others.

“All these challenges and suggestions shall be tabled before the upcoming stakeholders meeting next week with the view of coming up with a harmonized policy that will help government serve the diasporas better,” Walusimbi noted.

Walusimbi added that it’s one of President Museveni’s major aim to create an environment that will favor diasporas to improve their direct foreign investment back home.

The government stakeholders that are expected to attend the meeting include; URA, UIA, Ministry of Internal Affairs, NIRA, UTB, Bank of Uganda, Post Bank Uganda, Ministry of Trade, Parliament Diaspora department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Office of the President, Ministry of Gender and Labour among others.

The meeting will foster formulation of a discussion paper to Cabinet.


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