Labor Day: Journalists Leader Pushes for Signing of NSSF Bill

The President Uganda Parliamentary Press Association (UPPA), Moses Mulondo has decried the poor working conditions that journalists go through in the execution of their noble duties.

This comes as the country joins the world to mark the International Labour Day celebrated internationally under the theme; maintaining safety and security at the workplace”

Mulondo said that it’s sad that journalists in the country have nothing to celebrate about labour day when most of them are extremely paid poorly and both media managers and governmeng and policy makers are yet to be committed to finding a solution.

“I cannot wish you a happy workers’ day, when President Yoweri Museveni has ignored the outcry of NSSF members who want him to sign the NSSF Bill so that they can get a portion of their savings through midterm access to improve their economic welfare,” Mulondo said.

Mulondo noted that the day can’t be well celebrated by workers when jobs and promotions in government entities are yet to be acquired on merit.

“I cannot wish you a happy labour day when our country has no minimum wage and so many workers are exploited in various ways including underpayment and working for long hours beyond the International Labour Organization (ILO) standard of 8 hours in a day without being paid overtime allowances,” Mulondo said.

He added that, “My only wish and prayer is for this year’s labour day to awaken our top national leaders to get committed to addressing the concerns and aspirations of Uganda workers. He is a God of justice.”

The country has held virtue Labour day celebrations at State House presided over by President Yoweri Museveni.

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