REVEALED – Why Sipapa and Record Era Butida were Arrested

Upcoming Star Record Era Butida Arrested Along With Sipapa

A promise is a debt and it’s easy to demand it when it’s still fresh, we promised to bring you the details emanating from the Makumbi Ashraf and Otim’s arrest as many of you prefer calling them Butida and Sipapa respectively.
Brace yourselves because it’s about to go down.

New Baka Basajja Banyuma singer Makumbi Ashraf and Otim Charles were on Friday arrested by the crime intelligence body of Uganda and taken to Kiira Road Police station for further investigation to which crimes we were not allowed to put our pens on, something that brought a lot of rumors and wild thoughts into our lives and imaginations. Today we seem to have a feed that drives us into the crimes of Sipapa and the other comrades of his he was arrested with.

According to an interview with Sipapa’s lawyer who also claims to be his brother he said, “I and this one here are Sipapa’s lawyers but as for me besides being his lawyer, he is my brother. Sipapa was arrested on Friday last week, he was arrested without the knowledge of anyone, they just went to a hotel where he was in Makindye and they cornered them up together with all the people who were near him.”
He further explains that after the quick arrest, Sipapa was taken to Kira Road police station where he, Butida, and the others were hidden without anyone’s cognizance.

‘We started to know about his whereabouts on Monday when his wife called me and told me “counsel your brother has been arrested, do you know about it?” I replied no and asked her where he was and she told me he was at Kira police station. I told her I would reach there but since I was busy, I sent there this comrade of mine who we also work with at the firm.’
I told him,” Do you know what counsel? First, rush and see the boy, you know Sipapa my brother because I’ve been told he has been arrested at Kira. So he reached there but upon his arrival, they failed to give him access to reach Sipapa and the others. Actually his wife Shamirah was the first to set foot at the scene but was denied access as well.”

He says they went back with his fellow comrade when he received the access to prisoner denial news, ” We asked the police about why he was arrested, why he was being detained at the police station and it’s at that time that we realized because when we arrived we found them getting him out of the cells with claims of taking him to his place to do a thorough search.”” Upon asking, the Kira policemen told us that they actually did not hold responsibility over Sipapa, the person who caught him is the Director of crime intelligence, Mr Damulira.

They said it’s him (Damulira) who has responsibilty and that if we wanted Sipapa, we had to go to crime Intelligence. As we were still, the people of crime intelligence arrived and proceeded to his home for the scheduled search, we all along did not know why they were going to do this search but according to the search report that we read, it was indicated that they did not find anything (at Sipapa’s residence) so he was brought back at Kira police station.”

It’s at this juncture that he let the mouse lose from its trap that Record Era Butida was among the arrested group. “On coming back to Kira Police station, it’s when we realized that they had arrested this kid also known as Record Era Butida who was with his woman, who is there as well and Sipapa’s driver called Julius. So all those ones are also there, they do not have any crime, don’t have files but are in custody at Kira Road Police Station .”

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Upcoming Star Record Era Butida Arrested Along With Sipapa

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While concluding, he said that Sipapa has been referred to a new prison since the crime intelligence group realized that the Sipapa, Butida news was all over the media. Sipapa’s lawyers are organizing for their client to appear before court in order for him to be release on bail.
As we wait for more news from our sources most especially word from crime intelligence, stay with us here at postdator for all the developing stories on this case…

Thanks for reading and see you around soon.

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