Pastor Peter Ssematimba chewed Me LIVE – Former Maid

Peter Ssematimba

In this life as a Ugandan, there are so many things that haunt, frustrate you but some will surprise you. Today at Postdator we bring you an exposed version of a city Pastor and former honorable member of parliament Peter Ssematimba who most of you like to call Piira Sematimba due to his foreign flavored ascent.

News reaching us here is hot and tasty but sad and interesting to reveal, the way you take it in hugely depends on your mood about the story. Pastor Peter Ssematimba is a pastor and a former member of Parliament for Busiro south, he is well known for his calmness while speaking and a boasty attitude where most recently he that claimed his village is in Los Angeles.

As we speak now the Pastor is in hot soup and almost facing fraud alert because a lady by the names of Namatovu Joan just came out and accused him of cheating on his wife with her while she was still a maid in their house back in 2005 till 2019
Interesting, right? Well, we just got started, in an interview with this lady she says she used to work for Pastor Peter Ssematimba at his home where she went as a maid in the year 2005.

“I used to work for Mr. Peter Ssematimba at his home and I got pregnant then gave birth to my child in 2010,” she said.
“I went there (Ssematimba’s place) in 2005 after Pastor Ssematimba’s mom spotting me on issues of him needing a housemaid so as for me I reached his premises not knowing that those were his manners. I was so naive because during that time I was just seventeen years old and so naive, wasn’t so much into things of men,” she narrated.

Peter Ssematimba
The maid narrating her story

She says that after two years at Mr. Ssematimba’s house, the wife got pregnant and went to America and that’s where the whole “kawundo kakubye edilisa” started. When asked how she who had come as a maid started having sexual intercourse with her boss (Peter Ssematimba) she broke the news saying;

“The fact is, it’s not that I ever wanted to sleep with Peter Ssematimba, also this same man before I started sleeping with him he used to lie to me that I go and wash his back just immediately after his wife left, so I asked that as of today I’ve never seen your wife scrubbing your back and so I think he realized that with me things would not be easy.
The next day he said that he had gone to the gym and he was feeling chills so I go and do a body massage on him then with all my stupidity, I started doing massage because my boss has commanded.”

She says that every time she went to his bed she would find when Pastor Ssematimba was naked lying on his tummy not desiring to scare her, she said all this with teary eyes. That it was always at this point that the former Busiro south member of parliament would ask her to take her skirts off.

“I won’t tell you that he raped me, but won’t also say that I liked it at all, he took me up step by step and I found him with experience because he knew well how to handle a person who was naive and that’s why you see I accepted to sleep with him,” she continued narrating with a bowel of tears collecting in her eyes
When asked which year she got pregnant and if they had an agreement about the pregnancy with Peter Ssematimba? She replied saying, “We didn’t agree about the pregnancy, I just got it in the year 2009.”

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“After the s3xpades we had had together, We had more s3x, I fell in love with him and told him I had a bun in the oven (pregnant), he was so tough on me after the news and even told me that I should go even if I wanted, I could go to the media or news reporters, he was ready to fight with them. It’s then that I realized that he was so pissed and it couldn’t go on anymore.”

She says she left his house and went to her sister’s place in Mukono and looked after her pregnancy till it was 7 months old and then called Pastor Peter Ssematimba, informed him about the status of her pregnancy, she went back to his place with it and he developed a panic situation down his spine and the truth was that the once Ironman feared and said fine, gave her money to rent in Zana.
She says she still came and worked at his place as she commuted from Zana with claims one couldn’t be at his house because he kept bring in new women each and every time and he always told her to cook the food, she stresses that she didn’t see a man visit his house during that time and also explains that she could some times feel jealous but since she was naive, she didn’t always make a fuss out of it.
“He did not look after me when I was pregnant and even giving birth to the kid was at KCC. He gave the child a name, it’s a girl and I think it was his first bastard child (one to be produced outside his marriage).”

Joan Namatovu claims she has been seeing Pastor Peter Ssematimba as husband and father of her child since then, that he even took a DNA test on the small girl but what is shocking is Mr Ssematimba wants to take custody of his daughter. Her mother Namatovu says she can’t let him have the child because he is an evil man who can even have s3x with the young girl. Pastor Peter Ssematimba has filed a custody case and wants to take the kid away from this lady and the case is going into the courts of law.
This stoty is still developing, keep here for all the latest news updates and celebrity gossip technology tips.

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