Momo19 Accused of Being A Fraudster

The lifestyle, the personality and the lie could be all in someone’s life but how one chooses to live it is what defines who you are, who you will be and what people see in you.

Momo – 19 who is a Tv presenter and former Ex wife to musician Dax Kartel will now be fighting to fix her name after a fellow lady from Kyeeyo came out on media and accused her of being a fraud.

The girl called Aminah rang news reporters and made an alarm about Momo-19 saying she coned her of money on issues concerning a visa to fly to turkey for Kyeyo (hustle).

She was interviewed by our sources and she pinned Momo 19 with hard evidence of screenshots and money transactions that were made from her to Dax – Kartel’s Ex Momo.
She claims that she met Momo 19 on her Instagram handle and started communicating with her.

“I asked her about the countries she makes Visas for and she gave me those counties’ names, there was Turkey in the list and surely that’s where I wanted to go.”

“I communicated with her and she gave me her Whatsapp number and these are the messages we exchanged as we communicated,” she said showing pages of photocopied screenshots to the camera.
She narrated that Momo even encouraged her to pay in installments and it was done that way, then later coned of about 3 million Ugandan shillings.
” When I felt that the going abroad was being faked, I decided to claim my money back but it was all in vain.”

“Momo 19 stopped talking to me, switched off her number and went offline, I talked to several people about it including her friend Allan Cruz but failed to reach her.”

“What hurts me is I failed to give my money mom for her treatment when I came back from abroad, she was sick but I had hope that after going to Turkey in a gify I would start working and send money back home to look after my mom.” She said while crying.

Aminah is now planning to file a case against Momo 19 and has called out everyone who can help her in this to come out and be of help.

This story is developing and we shall follow it up as soon as we get Momo 19’s reply
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