Blogger Isma Spits Fire At NRM Cabinet Due To Hunger

When a person joins the National Resistance Movement (NRM), money, food and happiness is what runs through everyone’s mind.

But with what is happening in that camp right now with the people who used to blow its trumpet.

You will want to change your mind and reset it to the reality.

The popular blogger commonly hosted and interviewed on radio and TV shows Isma is in snake venom mode right now.

If we run back to the campaigns of the recently conducted elections, the NRM used certain bloggers and motor mouthed people to move their activities and manifestos among the you.

Among these were Isma, Ashburg Kato and Jeniffer Full Figure and many others, list endless.
During this time they were the ears and mouths of almost all NRM politicians around the country.

They used their social media platforms and popularity to move a narrative against a people loved new party the National Unity Platform commonly referred to as People Power.
With the elections done now and everything back to normal, these bloggers are fuming at the NRM for neglecting them and dumping them into the bins like rotting dogs.
Most recent rants came from Isma who is old and has a grey beard, he came our during one of his live videos.

He attacked President Museveni, his daughter Natasha, his son Gen.Muhoozi Kainerugaba and others from the newly elected cabinet.

He warned President Museveni that his time is done and that he should be prepared, he made him self clear that this rant was on because they were unhappy about their mistreatment after being used. He ranted claiming;
“Minister Balyomunsi, you are my neighbor here, you pass by me and flashlights at me, stop it, am hungry.”
This one is not good to be narrated to you watch the video below as Isma takes on the whole NRM for leaving hunger to kill them after working superbly for them.

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