Momo 19 Taken To Police And Later Will Proceed to Court Over Fraud Allegations

As reported last time a heart broken Momo 19 was accused by a lady called Aminah in an interview for conning her of 6 million Ugandan shillings in exchange for a Visa to Turkey.

However, the Visa did not materialize leading to a tough row of words from the young lady towards the TV presenter. We promised to keep you updated and finally we have a breakthrough with both our hands on the news.

Aminah was heart broken about what she was experiencing with Momo 19 because she did not expect it to go that way but it’s why the world is round and not square.
She has filed a case against Momo 19 and her associates with the police and she has even got lawyers who will handle her case. At the police stataion where she went, our sources managed to talk to one of the officers about the crime and these were his words.

“The companies that take people abroad, I don’t want to say that this is done by the one who had been accused today (momo 19) alone.”

“Many people get involved in that business (of taking Ugandans abroad) but we find that the cases mostly received here, most especially in the Central Police Station area are centred around companies that collect money from people in order to take them overseas but fail in the long run.”

“Its the same issue that this lady has faced but we can assure her that we shall make investigations about why her money was taken and why she is not getting it back.”
The officer also said that Momo 19 will be summoned and if she doesn’t make it to the station, she will be arrested and entered into their data base as a suspect.

We also managed to speak to Aminah who was also available at the scene and she informed us of her shortcomings;
“What has brought me here today is to open up a case against Momo 19 who coned me of my money worth Ugx 6 million as I informed you earlier that I would open up a case (against her) I’ve opened it up and they have given me a reference, here it is.” she said showing us her case reference number.

That was it but Momo 19 is currently not in the country, if you are close to her, help her and inform her that she is wanted for fraud.

This story is still on going, keep with us because we drive well and never crush. See you around soon.

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