Ziza Bafana Dumped By Baby Mama For Being Broke

Ziza Bafana maybe back to the scenes of Ugandan music after a very, very long time with his new hit song “Embuzi” which has earned a quick social media wave because of the nudity in the video, but that doesn’t mean he is doing fine.
Reports coming through our portals claim that the Kasendwa Richard who we all know as Ziza Bafana was dumped by his wife.

It is claimed that Ziza Bafana was dumped by Irene who has now been with him for quite some time now and has his child to carry.

Many musicians are known not to last in relationships but Bafana had kept his juicy woman all to himself until the lockdown came.

Since poverty and money problems are sweeping across the nation, these made a deep tsunami in Richard’s home and took his wife.

Ziza Bafana says that he is very single and searching at the moment after his baby mama dumped him because he couldn’t fulfill her needs.

He says she always wanted him to marry and wed her after them doing a humble kukyala at the girl’s place but also adds that he was not ready and since humans have different tastes and preferences, his Ex could not tolerate a relationship that was staggering like a headless chicken.

“We got misunderstandings as people because you know things of marriage are not easy at all on our side like me sometimes we enter into things(relationships) when you are not ready or if not when you are not ready to do that particular thing your partner wants in the time he or she wants it done,” he narrated.
“Now we entered the lock-downs in the recent times when I broke up with my wife, and all the things like capabilities(to do certain things) were reduced or limited, so you cannot explain that to most people, so it’s hard because you can’t balance well the issues of music because people keep demanding for music, and you can’t do it on a regular because you split you time in between music and family.”

“So on issues concerning that, you decide that let me leave this thing, I won’t be pulling so many ropes with it and I let it be like that (breaking up with the wife) so that I can concentrate on my job because it matters to me more than anything.”

When asked if the reason why the two broke up, he laughed off and shrugged off the claims saying that he could never and had never beaten a woman.

For Single ladies who are looking for a husband, Bafana is free to mingle.

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