Jose Chameleone Ditches UMA, Opens Uganda Superstar Association

Uganda Superstar Association

Jose Chameleone has ditched UMA and opened Uganda Superstar Association. All musicians in Uganda have always been regulated or governed by one association which we all know as Uganda Musicians’ Association (UMA), this has been managed and headed by Cinderella Sanyu also known as Cindy, but now it seems like a new dictator, let’s call it a new country in terms of music has emerged.

On Monday which was the 28th of June 2021, Doctor Jose Chameleon who is a long-time artist in this nation of Uganda came out and announced a new Association for musicians dubbed Uganda Superstar Association, he has since then urged all musicians to enter his association and benefit from it as musicians.
The newly created project is called Uganda Musicians’ Foundation (UMF) and Jose Chameleon is now the founder as well as the president of it the foundation. This, therefore, puts an end to Cindy’s Leadership for all musicians in Uganda as some are now divided with some artists like David Lutalo, Kabaako, Legendary woman musician Betty Mpologoma, Weasel Manizo, and many others joining the new foundation created by Jose Chameleone.

We have tried to reach out to Cindy to see her reaction to this, but it’s still in vain but as time flies by our sources will have a full sheet report on the issue and you, readers of Postdator will be the first to know.
Jose Chameleone is now the newly elected president of this foundation, and it is believed that its main purpose is to sustain already made superstar musicians. Jose Chameleon said;

“I want to thank all of you that have elected and entrusted me with this big opportunity. I promise not to let you down and will lead you diligently. I call upon other organizations to come and join us because this is the father of all entertainment associations in Uganda. Our role will be to promote Ugandan music beyond borders. We are not here to fight anyone but to work with everyone for the good of our industry.”

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This story is building up rapidly, and we shall keep updating you on what is really going on in the Ugandan music industry and these two associations. Comment with your thoughts on Chameleon’s move for a new association and your take on the topic
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