Bebe Cool’s Son Graces The Music Industry with A Massive Reggae Song

Moses Ssali also known as Bebe Cool has fathered us a new music icon in his son Allan Hendrik, as it looks the family music ghost is catching up with the Ssalis and its spreading so deep like a wildfire.

Ugandan music is evolving massively and it’s getting big but all to say better, new musicians have emerged and are holding the stage with quite wholesome courage with the latest being Bebe Cool’s eldest son Allan Hendrik.
This came as news to our sources after he released a banger with beats toned in Reggae, just like his father did good to our ears since the early 2000s, Allan has promised even better.
While on an interview with NBS and Sanyuka TV’s Un Cut he said;
“Life, life is all about hustle but just trying, you know trying to live life, but I can’t tell you that everything is fine.”
His song is called “We’re Tired” an emotional ballad with Reggae beats and a voice weaved across it just like his father’s.
When asked about the message he portrayed in the song, he explained saying;
“The song has a message everyone needs to listen to, we are tired of the current situation, I mean this situation of Covid-19, you know people can’t move, people can’t find food to eat, so generally it’s a whole message. Teachers have not been paid, health workers, so it’s a whole package talking about the whole situation.”

He also says the song is part of his album, but this was the right time to release the song. Since we are in a country wide COVID-19 lockdown Allan Hendrik has decided to roll to music because other businesses are cut off including his beer and wine selling.

We wish you all the best in the music Industry Hendrik.

You can all listen to his song down below.

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