UMA President Cindy Hits At Chameleon For Creating UMF

Chameleon surprised many artists and musicians in Uganda over the creation of an new musician’s association called UMF, this indirectly sparked a warm between him and Cindy Sanyu who is the currently the President of UMA which has been taking all musicians in Uganda.

The new foundation was created and leadership put in place with Jose Chameleon being selected as the foundation’s president. Now this has erupted a warm between most musicians belonging to both associations old and new respectively.
Legendary musician Ragga Dee was asked for his thoughts about the new foundation of Chameleon, he said;
“We should organise a meeting, we are all musicians and we represent the same values and we are all musicians in the making. We shall make a meeting following the Covid-19 standard operating procedures and what ever will come out of it we shall inform you the news reporters.”
Now there are several wars of words that emanated from both parties those with Jose Chameleon including Weasel Manizo had different thoughts.
Weasel spoke during a meeting between the UMF members recently saying, “If you are new musician who just started as you said it here an upcoming, there are also associations for the upcoming, we decided to be superstars because we understand problems arising within the superstars are different, even those (problems faced) by upcomings differ, even those faced by music writers differ. Let them come together in their associations, we also are the superstars’ association, join the federation governed by your new president Jose Chameleon and let all your problems be heard. You may not know our problems as superstars but it’s why we have created this group so that we can come together as musicians and by the way it doesn’t matter where you are, could be Koboko or anywhere, look for a music association where you fall, join our associations so that we can take Ugandan music to great heights.”Now cindy who also is a President of the old Association for Ugandan musicians UMA of course had the news and as we promised last time, we would get you here say about the arising matters. She immediately held a meeting with fellow Musicians still in her association.
She spoke to our sources after the meeting and here is what she had to say;
“We have got to know each other more and also come to comprehend the new association that have come up and their plans as well. So today has been mostly an introductory meeting, we are going to meet again and see how we move forward together. I can’t give my ideas on something that has just started (UMF) so let’s give it time and then understand what it is about, what their mission is as a new association.”
Cindy was asked if the new UMF association was formed because they heard that her UMA was given some Covid relief funds and she replied,” I don’t know who is moving that rumor about money, there is no money that came into UMA as yet, before we had about 100 million Ugandan shillings that was put into the UMA Sacco, and a Sacco is like a system where you can borrow money and it goes back, that’s it and the boys are borrowing money and the Sacco is moving on well.”
The interviewer asked her why she thinks Chameleon opened up his new association and left UMA to which she replied;
” I don’t know, I can’t say that I know Chamili and what he thinks, I don’t know, I (really) don’t know why they started their association but every artist during Covid, during this lockdown has their own issues hurting and aching them individually. So may be they saw it that they could represent their own problem personally and so they opened their own (association) but I can’t claim to know why they opened.”

Cindy also defended her UMA saying its not that the association she leads is weak that several musicians are opting to create their own groups, she said UMA is strong and is still moving forward.
There is a big rumor that these separations have been brought about by some money being released by Saleh who we all know has the money to spend but it’s a rumor anyway, what do we know. See you around soon and yes it becoming a topic but indeed we still have a lot building up behind this story. Thanks for reading.

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