Lovers Daddy Andre And Nina Roz Are Back Together After Months Of Loneliness

As we all thought that it ended in tears, indeed it ended in tears for musicians Daddy Andre and Nina Roz, but it has now resurrected, and the tears are drying up pretty quickly because these two are back to chewing each other boil.

It should be noted Nina Roz alias Nina Ankunda and Daddy Andre started dating in the year 2020, made it official in October that very year and produced so many songs together during that time that is Tugende mu church, Andele and many others.

Their relationship hit a big stone and was rumored broken this year a few months back before the lock-down but guess what? The lockdown is taking its stroll.
Daddy Andre has been around all the news to be loving a girl he produces music for called Shakira, and currently she was seen at his placing cooking for him and them having a good meal together.

In her interview with our sources, she seemed to like Daddy Andre but not in a love setting which flagged a green light for Nina Ankunda also known as Nina Roz to claim her man back.
Now the big headlines are that Nina Roz and Daddy Andre are back together because all in all Love wins. These two have started their bonking sessions once again this time not at Andre’s place but somewhere “Lodgic.”

The quoted word is a new word in our dictionary here at Postdator so don’t go looking it up, it means a place where people pay to sleep like a guest house or hotel, but you can call it a Lodge.
Our cameras saw the couple in a secret hide out somewhere in Ntinda and of course we couldn’t just walk past them without saying Hi and telling you about it.

We are still doing a background check on this one and when we get concrete evidence, you will be informed as fast as lighting. Daddy Andre and Nina Roz, we wish you all but the best, and please don’t disappoint us this time.

Thanks for reading, See you around soon

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