Sipapa Finally Out Of Prison On Bail by Court Just After Bobi Wine’s Post on his Arrest

Charles Otim a.k.a Sipapa who has spent almost three weeks in prison has now been granted bail and released immediately after his lawyers working tooth and nail on the issue.

It is believed that the crimes against Sipapa are hideous and not widely spoken of because of the crime intelligence department’s might.

Sipapa was arrested together with his friends while at a certain hotel in Muyenga, the people arrested included an upcoming artist called Record Era Butida who was later released on police bond.

Ever since then, Charles Otim who we all know as Sipapa has been in the coolers eating posho and beans daily but thanks to his lawyers, he is now out.
This also came after Bobi wine coming out on Facebook to condemn the arrest of Sipapa.

Although Charles has been so against Bobi wine who went head to head with President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in the previous election, Robert Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi wine did not take it personally in any way, he came up and fought for the cubbed Sipapa demanding the government to bring him to court, a gesture that has left him surprised like a pregnant cat.
Sipapa just after his release to all his social media platforms and deleted all the posts that he abused Bobi wine, he said he was surprised by the people he has been fighting against and seen the real side of those he was fighting for.
“I don’t want to talk about my crimes,” he said. “The crimes tend to be many, and so they can accuse you of any crimes they want, do you understand? I have spent three weeks in the safe house, store, I don’t know if it’s a safe house or store but as to me, I call it a store.

There are some people I have been with (in there) as for me God has helped, and I’m out, but there are some who are still there.”
He also narrated how people are arrested using drones and brought into these safe houses, it’s at this moment that made a tear stimulating statement about Bobi wine.

“It is a shaming that the people we fight against, are those that indeed love us most.” He did not add anything to that but instead showed great appreciation to every one who helped him get out of prison.

Charles Otim said that many people have been there trying to help him while he was under police custody but was also tossed when he called others for help claiming he worked for President Museveni, and he has been getting money without giving any penny to them. “I want everyone to know this, The president has never given me any money.”
We are still following this story, Thanks for reading through and hope to see you around soon

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