Allan Hendrick believes that he can do better than his dad musically

Ever upcoming musician Allan Hendrick has revealed he can release better music than his father, Bebe Cool. 

Allan Hendrick a.k.a Paper Dady said this is possible because of his versatility.

He explained that with the improved technology and sound systems, he is looking at redoing some of his Daddy’s music.

In addition, he said that he is soon requesting copyright rights from him.

“I can do some of those songs better, I am sure of that because of the improved technology,” he said.

“I will sit and discuss with him what we can do,” he added.

The musician also confirmed that he has worked on different projects and will be releasing music every month.

Allan Hendrick new song

It should be noted that Allan Hendrick has released a new song about the current situation.

In the reggae song, Paper Daddy has bashed the NRM Government in his new song dubbed ‘We Are Tired‘.

Paper Daddy is angry about the lockdown noting that people’s hands and legs are tied yet they have nothing to eat and teachers, health workers are not paid.

Watch the song below:

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