Angel Kwakunda threatens to leave Lwasa

Angel Candy Kwakunda Lwasa, Emmanuel Lwasa’s new wife, has threatened to divorce the Masaka city tycoon.

Angel’s claims that she is ready to leave if Lwasa keeps mentioning Diana Nabatanzi’s name during their conversations.

Lwasa and Anel made their relationship known to the public at the start of the year.

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This happened after the latter fell out with his former lover Diana Nabatanzi.

The Masaka city moneybag has, however, bitterly attacked his ex-lover during several interviews where he never stops mentioning her name.

According to Angel Kwakunda, Lwasa seems obsessed with Nabatanzi because he never speaks many words without mentioning her name.

Angel Kwakunda speaks

“It’s nolonger funny! You have over disrespected me on every media House over your endless interviews about Nabatanzi. I feel hurt whenever my husband talks about his ex lover and hence advised him to stop or else i will divorce him”, she said.

Kwakunda noted that each time Lwasa mentions Nabatanzi’s name, it makes her jealous and she advises him to just forget about her.

She also threatened to dump him, gather her belongings and leave his home if he continues to discuss Nabatanzi at home and during interviews.

Lwasa immediately denied his wife’s allegations saying she might be watching Rwandan TV stations.

Lwasa claims that he stopped talking about Nabatanzi longtime ago.

As if to mock Kwakunda further, Lwasa laughed off her threats claiming that they can’t move him.

He made her aware that there are so many women lined up on the waiting list to replace her if she divorces him.

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Angel fell in to Lwasa’s bonk trap soon after he bitterly parted ways with stunning TV star Dianah Nabatanzi.

In order to show the world that she had successfully won the wire war.

Angel immediately introduced him to her parents in a pompous Kwanjula ceremony.

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