Gravity Omutujju: ‘This is the end of the vibrant music’

For almost two years now, Ugandan musicians have not had a chance to step on stage and perform for their fans.

They have so further dried up their savings accounts thus resorting to handouts from the Government inform of stimulus funds. 

Many have branded the relief funds as a bribe from Government to divide the music industry.

And also reduce Bobi Wine’s influence among the musicians.

Rapper Gravity Omutujju speculates this has greatly affected the industry since the stakeholders can not make unbiased decisions.

According to the rapper, the industry is on its death bed.

And once all the key persons receive money from the regime, that will be the last nail in the coffin.

 “The end of the once vibrant music industry has come,” Gravity Omutujju posted, along with a crying emoji.  

Below the post, video director Sasha Vybz agreed with him saying that he had warned musicians but he was never taken seriously.

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