Naira Ali: ‘I have a big crush on Navio’

Musician Naira Ali, who is currently in the USA opened up on her feelings for the rapper Navio.

Naira Ali revealed that she is still single and searching.

“I used to have a big crush on Navio but he got married. I am still attracted to him 100%.”

“Am single and searching, men should not be scared to make a move.”

“Any man can get my attention if he has money. I can’t date a fan,” Naira Ali said.

It should be noted that Navio got married to long-term lover Matilda Nassimbwa just over a year ago.

Over the years, ladies have expressed the desire to sleep with Navio.

Some of them have crowned him the most handsome man in Uganda. 

Winnie Nwagi once declared that he would not think twice given a chance to bed him. 

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