Bruno K reaches an agreement with Black Market Records

A few weeks ago, musician Bruno K threatened to drag Black Market Records(BMR) to the courts of law over his musical works.

He particularly accused BMR of reporting his song “Nipe Love” to YouTube which removed it from the site. 

Bruno explained that he recorded the song in contention with Nina Roz a couple of years ago before Black Market Records was even launched in Uganda.

According to Daddy Andre, a singer and producer signed to BMR, issues between Bruno and the label have been resolved.

In an interview, Daddy Andre explained that Bruno K never fully understood his contract, they had to break it down for him. 

“They have sorted out Bruno K, and he is fine now,” he said before adding.

“The two parties managed to explain to him the contents of the contract, and he understood.”

“He did not know the dynamics involved. He will get back to the media and explain.”

“Bruno finally realized that his complaint was out of ignorance,” Daddy Andre revealed.

In 2020, Bruno signed a contract with Black Market Records headed by Cedric Singleton.
Bruno K is one of the most talented natural singers in Uganda.

His vocals, lyrical maturity, and ability to play the guitar distinguishes him from a whole lot of local artists.

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