Os Suna drags next media to court

White House Entertainment boss Emmanuel Suna a.k.a Omulangira Os Suna has dragged Next Media Services (NBS TV, Sanyuka, and NXT Radio) to courts of law over defamation and character assassination.

Os Suna filed the case through his lawyers Mr. Robert Lutaalo and Mr. Precious Nahabwe from Elgon Associated Advocates to the said media outlet.

According to Mr. Lutaalo, Next Media presenters committed the offense on August 27th, 2021.

They made defamatory remarks against their client Os Suna.

TEKIRI FAIR - Os Suna (official HD video) - YouTube

They claimed that he is a witch doctor not the rightful owner of a storied building and a pine plantation that he recently showed off.

The hurting Os Suna shed tears and vowed that NBS TV should pay him for the damages caused to his brand.

He added how he is not willing to forgive the media company and its presenters for making baseless allegations.

Os Suna furthermore warned any media outlet and bloggers against making defamation statements as he vowed that he will do anything possible to get them behind bars for the rest of their lifetime or pay huge sums of money to him.

Basing on the documents served to NBS TV, Omulangira Os Suna wants to be compensated with Shs 1B for damages made to his brand.

The document further reads that once NBS TV completes compensating him with Shs1b, the media house should punish its presenters Kaiyz and Brian Wako for belittling his brand.

Os Suna also requested NBS TV to either change or squash that gossip entertainment show if it’s only here to tarnish artists’ brands that they have worked extremely hard to build and after asked the media outlet to make a public apology.

He further demanded that if all the above is done, NBS TV should also delete all the video clips from the internet in which its presenters defamed and tarnished his image.

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