Sherry Matovu runs back to husband Thaddeus Katumba

Singer Sherry Matovu has run back with her kids, on bended knees and apologized to husband.

Sherry Matovu broke up with her baby daddy Katumba earlier this year in February.

She hooked up with a toy-boy identified as Mozeso.

Sherry suspected that her husband was cheating on her hence packing her bags and leaving his house.

She has been renting somewhere in Masajja where she has been rising for the past 7 months.

On the cold night of Thursday, the singer made up her mind and decided to meet her baby daddy and beg for his love live on TV as everything was captured on camera.

“I’ve never been happy ever since I broke up with you.”

“Forgive me please, I decided to show my man that he is the one I love.” She said. 

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