Jamie Culture struggling with rent arrears

Singer Jamie Culture is reportedly struggling with rent pilling up and the land lady on his back.

Unfortunately even his thought to be father Kabuye Ssemboga has denied being the father.

Appearing on Spark TV for an interview, the landlady of Jamie Culture stated that he has not been paying her rent and even when he went insane, she tried contacting his father.

Jamie has always said that legendary singer Kabuye Ssemboga is his father but the land lady claims that he denied it when they called him.

“Ever since the lockdown begun, Jamie Culture has not been paying me a single coin as even my rent is just 300k per month.”

A few days ago he went insane and started talking jabberishly leaving all my other tenants scared.”

I tried calling his father we all know, Kabue but he said he is not the father of Jamie.”

So i got confused and decided to call the media”- the landlady stated.

Jamie has always been known for being a very talented vocalist and songwriter, he also owns a dance troupe.

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